Jangle Dart😓

Most of my school day will not burn the midnight oil rather fire the morning alarm. I set the alarm timing but still I get fury on the clock. 8:30 am school jangle been my best bad friend of all time. I rush up to get ready by 7:45 and start from ma home by 8:25. Five minutes fast pedal between my home to school burn all my calories. In that 300 seconds my mind think in 300 dimensions. Best of all is praying God to repair school bell,  praying to happen same scenario for my best friend and finally asking a boon to make my class teacher to put leave on that day. Will reach the school premises by 8:30. To my dart, there rings the jangle. Am I a late Comer or on timer?  

Judgements lies with my class teacher😑

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Odd culture..! 

Marriage, the word that not only bond two genders but also it is the pilgrims of relations. Apart from all sambhirdhayam they follow.. I love the most is the food they serve. There is a long custom in serving the food in marriages. First they put fresh banana leaf then Sweet then pickle then all kind of aaviyals then rice then sambhar water etc etc.. Apart from serving even in eating the marriage food also have customs. First by sambhar raja then by vathakozhambi raagi then by rasam mandhiri then by mooru soldiers… This will not be a complete Kingdom without paayasam people. Pakka finish rite? . Latestly I went for ma cousin marriage, I have seen many technology collaboration in marriage custom but to Ma shock all fresh foods where served water in plastic bottles. While seeing the plastic water bottle in corner of ma banana leaf given me a feel like its look neat and it is a cool idea. Because earlier they had tumblers which is hard to wash for them then they carried out with plastic cups which will fly or fall down while pouring water ultimately creating a mess in food items. Other than this all marriage water serving bhabha will have shaky hands.. To avoid all these problems keeping water bottle sounds me good. But after that what will happen to that water bottles is what the picture conveys.  Dumping like this in a corner or even refilling both will affect us. Our lazyness fetched us the danger. Nature dangerous call is here! 

Black mail…!

Fascinating? Does the word is fascinating or the presence of picture that locks black and the mail?

Checkout this… 

“Blackmail is the act, often a crime, involving unjustified threats to make gain or cause loss to another unless a demand is met”.

Um…not so exact but the word crime makes me to think a while. Blackmail usually happen between two unknown people who were bonded by hatred. If a criminal gang threatening a judge for favoring by upholding his family members. Here the gain is favorable judgment, blackmail is threatening him with his family members and the relation between them is nothing. This is so common especially in a country like India and it is a crime without any doubt. But have you ever undergone blackmail? That too in your closed circle?

In your family?  (Hussy).

NE VA? Such a lucky buddy you are but a liar too. The fact is every child would definitely face blackmail by her/is closed ones. For instance If your sister/brother caught up with you by doing a mess. S/he begs you not to tell parent. Do you leave that issue? 

Surely no, that would be a full meals for your hunger right? Then what you do with the issue and your sibling is where the blackmail lies. This is crazy actually and I’ll put you a big thumbs up if you have done this in your childhood. But if this happens in a serious business, the problem starts. While comparing with others, Indian parent do blackmail often with their children. In and out children’s life is hooked up with blackmail. 

*if you go out without minding my words I will tell your father.

*if you didn’t bath properly I’ll tell your friends.

* I carried you 10 months cant you do this small thing to me?

*Is this why we brought you in this world?

* You don’t want us to play with our grandchildren before we die?

*do what you want… who are we to tell you anything!

* marry her/im after our death

Uffff……this is just a trailer, main picture is running in all Indian houses. Tell me now is this a crime or not?  No it is not a crime, it’s a depth of love our parent’s have. If a bird gives birth, it feeds its hatchling for a few months after that it will leave the babies for self training. Each one of us learn great lesson and shine in life only by making mistakes. But our Indian parent’s are over cared that they don’t want their children’s to suffer in any circumstance. You don’t like but if you sit and think you understand the care beside it just the way I did. So stop thinking whether this is wrong or right. Think what can be done with it. My blogs never leave you without a solution. Here it is…

 # Prove yourself that mamma/pappa don’t worry much I can stand on my own.

# First believe yourself 

#Make them proud of you and finally give them a great salute.

Adjustment needs right place! 

Adjustments sometimes being a great word of good humans history but sometimes ruin their world of happiness. This is because adjustments also have limitations. On exceeding it will end up in disaster. Where do adjustments,  self compromise come to play?.  It takes the role only when we respect or love something/one. There are many places where we end up in compromise. But most dangerous issues takes place in relationships. 

Love, feelings of two. All pairs are not 100% in sync. There is a cute adjustments,  compromises that gives them a happy lock. Those adjustments should be equal,  should give them happiness if not there is no point in it. Most importantly ur partner should feel proud of ur compromise. 

Imagine if you are riding long on a highway, u feel little thirsty so you are looking for a juice shop… You see many shops but u select only one which satisfy all ur needs. Your going in..  You  love everything  about the shops from its look to its comfortness.  Your are ordering a juices.. But that juice  is not upto ur thinking. It is not that much tasty. You adjust and pay it off. Same like every year you go on a ride on the same highway. Same scenario happens will u choose to adjust all time? Might you have suggested them or atleast told them that the taste is not upto the quality. 

Adjustment is welcomed but not all time. In a relationship you should adjust each other but not suggested all time especially for a same scenario. You won’t be 24/7 with your partner in love but after marriage? Think. 

#make sure your adjustment not comfort your partner. 

#you might be stupid in past; you might be made stupid in present but don’t be stupid in future. 

# Aware self respect is must. 

Parent _/\_

•The bonding between parent and a child is like a proton and nuetron present in a nucleus.

• Parent are the armour for a child from its birth.

•  The queen of love is mother whose love lights up a lamp in child’s Heart.

• The king of care is father whose care is like a light house which guides a child.

• They use love and care for the separation of bad qualities from good like winnowing.

• Parent are the scientist who finds our ability in doing something.

• Parent carve us without any expectations.

• Parent stand beside a child’s success.

This is was the first essay wrote by me on a very own interest while schooling which eventually created interest in writing for me. Today mother’s day but I’m sharing a writing about parent.

“I never prayed a God by one hand”._/\_

Happy parent day :p

Boredom: p

Happy holiday is not more then a week..Past whole semester I was thinking about this 2month holidays. Literally I begged for holidays. What made me to do so ??. Exactly the work pressure (projects) as well as the end sem exams. I pushed each subject exam like pushing over a pulling door. All 5 subjects meant from me like a 5 hard zones.Though I love to know about those but writing exam and getting good score was not a piece of cake for me. I’m a media student thinking like why people need to write essays to learn media ? That’s totally stupid rite ? Then think of engineers. You ll neva forget to salute them. After pulling ma door I got ma holiday bagpack with lots of fun, sleep, food,friends, outings etc . But it doesn’t last for a month. Again the pressure cycle of boring started. Here is where the mystery lies..!
The matter is because I had studies pressure so I longed for leave .but what was the pressure that makes me to hate holidays??. Is the fun I had with ma college mate..that’s the good joke. I don’t hav much friends. Then what else?
Here is were I get to know something called boredom(boring) …let me share it with u guys.
“Boredom is just a message sent to you by your subconscious mind to tell you that there are much more important things to do than what you are doing now.
This means that when we get used to the things we like we find them uninteresting later on or at least not as interesting as they used to be”.

That is why I feel boring in the holidays also. I think our mind is so foodie that he needs new feed every time. Boredom can be cured but before that we need to exercise to know what kind of boredom we got.

To ma knowledge Im bored because
I have no major interests or goals to go after? these is what made me to feel such…after knowing do you think still I left to be bored. Exactly not.. I gonna find ma major interest but before that I neva forget to share this to you all. I hope you people also get some interesting ideas after reading this.
” even though it’s about bored,
Let it be shared.. :p”

New unsettle…

Started doing part time once again. Though i already worked doing part-times that time I dont even know the value of time as well as money. i just went off doing for enjoyment and knowledge development as well which is also a good thought. But now after long gap i realized the value of money, money only may not get u happiness but at the same time without many u cant survive here. while typing this i was thinking about earlier india where there is no history for money or monetary value for nature. such a country would been a paradise but because of british invention everything has changed and now black money drains india…social vision apart, i admit i also started running behind money. running behind money doesnt fetch you life value but world value you only if u have money.. feeling topsy-turvy, i finish off ma typing.